Greiner Construction

Differentiating one of Minneapolis' top commercial general contractors.


Most construction firms pride themselves on the same things; quality, relationships, and experience. So how do you stand out in a sea of competition while remaining true to who you are?


Strategy and insights gave us differentiation – Greiner is the only general contractor that builds relationships through education. To go along with it, a fresh brand identity and meaningful thought leadership.

What we Did

Customer Research

Brand Positioning

Brand Identity Design

Website Design

Web Series


Getting started

Vnzo AEC led several workshops with Greiner leadership, and conducted both internal and external research in the form of in-depth interviews and surveys. Together, we laid out the Greiner brand strategy, guiding the firm on how to increase its awareness and decommoditize itself in the process.

We then moved into the design phase, where we started out with three primary concepts:

After several workshops, we were able to distill an identity that harkened back to its roots but emboldened its new direction.

A new direction

The newfound direction provided a huge opportunity to engage and connect with the brand’s community, giving the builders of modern industry a deeper sense of education and industry insights.

Since its rebranding in 2021, the firm has gone on to nearly double in size and continues to make a marked difference in the commercial construction community.

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