Categories are meant to be broken. Enter Evrsphere – the only sustainability consultancy that creates eco-friendly change by starting with human performance and experience.


In an era of unending political connotations and economic uncertainty, how do you launch a sustainability consultancy that stays true to its roots without deepening the divide?


A firm specializing in working with A&D firms (not end-users) and an eco-friendly approach rooted in human-centric solutions.

What we Did

Market Research

Brand DNA

Brand Positioning

Brand Identity Design

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Getting started

Coming off many years of experience in the interior design and furnishing space, co-founders Jonathon Cremer and Hunter Grunsted saw the sustainability opportunity early on – they wasted no time in joining forces to start something special.

That's when Vnzo AEC was hired to help chart their course as they entered a complex, and somewhat crowded marketplace.


We began with strategy. Research unearthed two primary types of businesses playing within the sustainability consulting world:

1. Large, multi-disciplinary corporations with sustainability divisions.

2. Small, more focused firms specializing in working with end users.

The gap: a consultancy specializing in helping designers and builders earlier on in the process.

Defining the Brand DNA

We then looked internally, and over the course of many workshops, meetings, and blood sweat and tears – we defined the Brand DNA:

Purpose: To affect and inspire sustainable change in the built environment.

Vision: To reduce global waste by 5% by 2050.

Mission: Through applying sustainable guidance, providing ecological products, and sharing green research and insights – we aim to affect and inspire sustainable change in the built environment.

With a compelling purpose, lofty vision, and actionable mission – the brand had a course charted and was able to better explain to others what it stood for and where it was going.

Naming the Firm

The name needed to tip its hat to a few key elements: sustainability, long-lasting solutions, and working within the built environment. It also needed to meet a few naming criteria, ranging from ownability and extendability to brevity and appropriateness.

It wasn't long before a name emerged: "Evrsphere".

With strategy complete, we began developing the identity...

Building the brand

Entering a new market calls for a bold, energetic identity – but we needed to strike the balance between "excitable" and "fresh", to ensure the brand didn't come off as immature or young.

At every stage of the branding process, we harkened back to strategy and research in order to successfully hit the mark.

Original Concepts

After several design workshops, we developed three primary concepts in an effort to capture what the brand stood for – as well as where it was headed.

The "Green Value Chain" Concept
The "Flipping the Script" Concept
The "System of Systems" Concept

From there, we worked with Evrsphere leadership to combine the best of each concept in the form of the final identity:

The big reveal

After reviewing strategy and working through several design workshops, we landed on the final identity. The logomark represents several elements:

• The blue 'E' represents the construction of the built environment

• The green 'E' represents sustainable responsibility

• And the negative space represents the built environment itself

From concept to completion, we worked tirelessly with Evrsphere to develop an identity that will forge deep connections with their clientele and break barriers within the sustainable space.

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