Inside CFMOTO's 100,000sq/ft US Headquarters

Welcome back to another episode of AEC All-Stars! This time, we've teamed up with Nimble's Leah Sternhagen to take you on an exclusive tour of CFMOTO's brand new US headquarters.

The Backstory

CFMOTO's decision to relocate its headquarters last year wasn't just a move – it was a statement of intent. With the company experiencing substantial growth, they needed more space to accompany its expansion. Having first made tracks in the US back in 2007, CFMOTO's journey has been one of steady acceleration. And now, with their eyes firmly set on the future, they've secured a warehouse just a stone's throw from their original location – a sprawling facility spanning over 100,000 square feet.

This isn't just your average warehouse–turned–state–of–the–art–HQ, no sir! Boasting over 100,000sq/ft of brand new development, this is a space that leaves a lasting impression and feels like a true extension of the CFMOTO brand.

This isn't just a headquarters—it's a launchpad for innovation, a playground for creativity, and the beating heart of CFMOTO's ambitions here in the US.


This space is a textbook example of marrying warm and cool design elements. On one hand you have CFMOTO and its product line – technologically-driven ATVs, UTVs, etc – deeply rooted in silvers, metallics, bolds, and the light blue brand color. On the other hand you have the people, the culture, and the momentum – represented by warmth – all yearning for representation. This is accomplished via wooden accents and warm lighting with hints of Mandarin lettering (harkening back to the company’s roots) subtly placed throughout the space

Main Entry

The entryway sets the tone with its open architecture design – where stairs aren't just a means to an end — they're a design element in their own right, beckoning you further into the heart of the space. Wooden wall mount designs add a touch of warmth, while brand elements, including a hanging motorcycle, captivating wall graphics, and a colossal TV streaming branded content, serve as a testament to CFMOTO's identity and ethos.

Service Area

Venturing deeper, you'll discover the service area — a hub of activity as team members work together on various service-related tasks. A brand timeline graphic adorns the walls, chronicling CFMOTO's journey from humble beginnings to industry titan. Collaborative booths invite brainstorming sessions and idea exchanges, while a dedicated hands-on training center stands ready to equip staff with the tools they need for success. And shrouded in secrecy lies the top secret research and design facility, tantalizingly off-limits, hinting at the groundbreaking innovations underway behind closed doors.


The largest portion of the space – the warehouse – dawns an impressive 70,000 square feet of storage. Typically one of the biggest challenges with designing and developing warehouse space is lighting. This hurdle is overcome by the implementation of several 18x6 windows, allowing a flood of natural light into the space.

Smart storage is integrated throughout the space for easy sorting and access to tens of thousands of different parts and pieces.

Work Space

As you ascend to the work space on the second floor, you’re dazzled by the juxtaposition of sleek design and practical functionality. From a dedicated space for press releases to a large conference room – every detail has been carefully curated to foster creativity and collaboration. 

Executive offices line the perimeter, while an open office layout encourages teamwork and camaraderie. And for those moments of quiet contemplation, huddle rooms offer secluded spaces for brainstorming and strategizing.


Finally, no journey through CFMOTO's headquarters would be complete without a visit to the breakroom – a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. A new luxury to CFMOTO, this expansive space boasts amenities galore, including a golf simulator for those moments when a quick round is in order. Here, amidst laughter and camaraderie, the CFMOTO family can come together to recharge and refuel, ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow with renewed vigor and determination.

Summary & Project Partners

From start to finish, soup to nuts, top to bottom – this project is truly something special. Projects like these take a village to complete, which is why we’d like to recognize several additional firms for their contributions.

Project Management / Owner Representation: Nimble Project & Development Services

Architecture & Interior Design: Pope Design Group

General Contractor: RJ Ryan Construction

Project Photography: Spacecrafting

Exterior Video Footage: Blaze Air MN

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